Keep Your Attic and Roof Properly Ventilated

Without proper ventilation for your roof and attic, you could be losing money from increased heating and cooling costs. At Bors Pros Construction Inc., we can analyze your home for ventilation, offering affordable and effective solutions to keep things ventilated properly and in compliance with building codes. You can count on our experienced team of roofing professionals to handle your project with a strict attention to detail that ensures the best quality results.

North Tonawanda’s Roof Ventilation Experts!

Soffit Ventilation – We can install a continuous soffit ventilation system that will help prevent ice dams while also keeping heating and cooling costs under control.

Roof Ridge Ventilation – With a proper roof ridge vent at the peak of your roof, you can maintain a constant airflow along the underside of the roof, while also adding a touch of style to your home.

On Roof Ventilation – Expel heat and moisture, keeping your energy bills under control while also eliminating the chance for mold growth or water damage to the underside of your roof.

Ice Dam Prevention – If an ice dam forms in your gutter system, water can flow into your home and slowly cause damage, not to mention the added stress of the weight from the extra ice. We can provide you with solutions to your ice dam problems.

Ventilation to Code – As with every project we complete, we will make sure that any ventilation solution installed is done properly and meets all local building codes, for your peace of mind.

We can provide you with the roof ventilation solutions you need with a high standard of quality workmanship. Call to discuss your ventilation needs today!
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